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2011 Positions:

The Special Joint Committee on Georgia Revenue Structure will vote on a tax reform proposal containing recommendations made by the Special Council on Tax Reform and Fairness for Georgians.  The Chamber supports the current proposal as it will reduce tax rates for all Georgians, increase our State' competitiveness, and stimulate job creation.  In particular, the proposal:
Lowers the personal income tax rate, helping the majority of small businesses across the State who pay taxes at this rate by allowing them to invest more in job creation and business growth.

Helps Georgia manufacturing companies by eliminating the sales tax on energy, removing a key competitive barrier and retaining and attracting more jobs.

This proposal does not include a sales tax on groceries, increase the cigarette tax or taxes on non-profits, or eliminate the senior income tax exemption.

Support SB 17
, which creates a State Commission to review proposed and existing health insurance mandates. 

Support SB 151.  This legislation would mitigate the pending surcharge increase on employers associated with unemployment insurance taxes.  The current rate
of 35% is scheduled to increase to 100% on a
Jan. 1, 2012, and this bill would cap the increase at

Support HB 86, which eliminates the sales tax on energy used in manufacturing. 

2010 Ballot Constitutional Amendments and State-Wide Referendum:

Support Constitutional Amendment #1:
If passed, this constitutional amendment will allow judges to modify existing employment contracts as needed to reflect their original intent when they are contested in a court of law.

Support Constitutional Amendment #2:
If passed, it would establish a comprehensive, statewide trauma care network through the creation of a $10 vehicle tag fee that will provide funding for critically needed trauma services throughout the State.  Hamilton Medical Center is a level 2 trauma care center.

Oppose Constitutional Amendment #3:
If passed, this amendment would allow the Georgia Department or Transportation to change its accounting practices from a cash basis to a system of accrual, letting GDOT award multi-year construction contracts on the expectation of future revenues.

Support Constitutional Amendment #4:
If passed, it would authorize Georgia state government to enter into multi-year performance contracts for energy-efficient retrofits of state buildings that would be paid for by utility bill savings.

No Position Taken on Constitutional Amendment #5

Support Referendum A - State Inventory Tax:
If passed, it would eliminate the state portion of the ad valorem tax on business inventories, which costs retailers and other businesses millions of dollars a year and discourages companies from locating their warehousing and distribution facilities in Georgia.


Policy Positions
The policy positions have been approved by the Chamber's Executive Board.